Linton's Oreo was featured as one of four pot cake dogs on a Bahamian postage stamp! Now internationally famous, she still prefers quiet rides with guests on their golf carts.

Read the article in Abaco Life, Spring 2009.

Oreo, The Internationally Famous Pot Cake Dog

LintonsOreo is Linton’s Cottages’ friendly and playful “watch dog” who lives next to the office in her luxurious open-air dog house and chain-link run.

A pot cake* puppy rescued from the Treasure Cay dump, she was adopted by Lee Linton from a laundry basket filled with rescue puppies being driven around Green Turtle Cay on the back of a golf cart. Oreo’s friendly, upbeat personality makes her a favorite with our guests – and an entertaining and welcome companion on golf cart trips into New Plymouth.

*Pot cakes are a distinctive mixed-breed dog unique to the Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos Islands. Named after the thick residue at the bottom of a pot of peas and rice that Bahamians traditionally fed their dogs, most pot cake dogs can be identified by their smooth coats, cocked ears, and long faces.